Going Green

 You have heard about going green, but what does that mean and what are your options for going green?  Going green means you are preserving energy and using less of our natural resources in your day to day activities within your home.  It is important to have someone who is educated in this area to explain the costs versus the savings of the green options available.  A few options available to go green include:

  • Energy Efficent Windows
  • Enhanced Insulation
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Improved Ventilation
  • Low-Flow Toilets

Ask about going green when you discuss your project with us.  Protecting our environment is a primary goal in all our construction efforts. Homes from the Ground UpWe are full service builder with hands-on experience to build your dream home from the ground up.  With an experienced background in residential and commercial construction, we will employ quality workmanship, time management skills, and cost effective pricing to increase the value of your investment.   Icynene Insulation SystemInsulation can be arguably one of the most imporant part of your new home.  With the Icynene Insulation System you can have a healthier, quieter, more energy efficient home for your family.  Icynene is foam insulation which is sprayed into walls, floors and ceilings by Icynene Licensed Dealers.  Sprayed on as a liquid, it expands in seconds to create superior insulation and air barrier.  It does not shrink sag settle, slip, turn to dust or decline in R-value over time.  It offers no food value to bacteria, fungus, termites, carpenter ants or rodents.  It has been used successfully in residential and commercial buildings across North America for over ten years and has been evaluated and approved for use in both the United States and Canada.Better Air Quality - Improving indoor air quality is a goal of many new home buyers, especially for those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.  Icynene offers the ability to completely seal the building envelope.  By eliminating random air leakage, the penetration of dust, allergens and pollutants can be significantly reduced.  It allows you to develp a controlled indoor environment so you can design your heating and cooling equipment to maximize air quality.  fresher air should ensure a better night's sleeps and you won't have to open your windows to achieve it.  Humidity can be better controlled so you can eliminate the health concerns about mold and mildew.  Design your home properly using Icynene, and you'll feel the difference.  You'll enjoy a healthier more comfortable home for years to come.A Quieter Home - Icynen's unique air sealing qualities will also have a significant effect on reducing the air borne sound penetrating your home.  It's a real advantage if you live near a busy street or an airport.  Icynene is also ideal for soundproofing interior walls in your entertainment room and washrooms or around plumbing stacks to reduce the sound of water rushing to drainage below.Energy Efficient - Creating an air barrier with the Icynene Insulation System is the smart solution for those concerned about energy efficiency.  Many people believe that R-value is the key to reducing energy consumption.   Unfortunately, R-value does not take into account air leakage which is a major factor in evaluating overall energy efficiency. If you have a choice between adding more R-value or eliminating the source of air leakage, the answer is simple - The Icynene Insulation System.  By controlling air leakage, your home will perform 30% - 50% better than with traditional insulation methods.